Speksee Lifestyle Pvt.Ltd

Your eyes are in good hands.

At Speksee, we are committed to help find the perfect-for-you pair of eyewear or contacts as well as care for the eyes behind them. With access to latest trends you can trust that Speksee is always looking out for your eyes.

Trendy eyewear at affordable prices.

Trendy, not spendy

Speksee Life Style Pvt.Ltd , your only destination for everything optical!
A brand not just for the young and the quirky but the professionals, the business men and everyone else.

Founded by a gaggle of opticians, designers and conceptualisers, Speksee ensures the latest trends at affordable prices that match up the style of every individual.

Severe quality checks

With over 30,000 sq. ft of warehousing facility, manned by professional opticians, trained specialists and state of the art machines, Speksee ensures that every piece of eyewear is made to perfection with utmost focus on the right quality and stringent procurement guidelines.

The Value System

A pair of Speksee ensures you buy into the vision of every individual themselves. It celebrates the true spirit of every youngster and certifies to stand tall in the society and represent themselves with true grace.

With a focus on transparency, quality, variety, integrity and innovation, buying an eyewear from Speksee will always leave you happy and good looking.