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Polarized Sunglasses: Stylish and Functional Eyewear

Speksee offers Polarized sunglasses, a perfect fusion between look and functionality, making them suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. With such sunglasses, you will experience a great reduction in glare from reflecting surfaces, which is necessary for driving, sports participation and water activities.

With enhanced contrast and comprehensive UV protection, they are a boon to both visibility and eye health. Whether taking to the slopes, playing golf, or enjoying a sunny day, our polarized sunglasses ensure you experience it in comfort and style. Available in various designs, they cater to any personal style while providing the optical clarity necessary for clear, uninterrupted vision. Check out Speksee’s exclusive collection today!

Where Are Polarized Eyewear Mostly Use?

Polarized sunglasses from Speksee offer numerous benefits, making them ideal for a variety of settings:

  • Reduce glare from surfaces like water and roads, improving visibility of driving and water sports activity.
  • Enhance contrast, making them ideal for outdoor sports like golfing, skiing, and fishing.
  • Increase comfort by reducing eye strain from bright conditions.
  • Protect eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Improve underwater visibility for activities near water.

Types of Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses are essential for anyone who enjoys the outdoors or often deals with harsh light. At Speksee, we offer two main types of polarized lenses tailored to various preferences and activities:

Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Speksee offers standard men’s polarized lenses (0.75 mm) for daily activities and casual sports. These thinner, lighter lenses are perfect for everyday wear, reducing glare and enhancing visual clarity. For men facing more extreme conditions, Premium men’s Polarized Lenses (1.1 mm) provide greater durability and protection. These thicker lenses are ideal for high-demand environments, offering superior performance.

Polarized Sunglasses for Women

Speksee’s standard women’s polarized lenses (0.75 mm) for women combine fashion with functionality, ideal for everyday use and driving, offering protection against glare and UV rays. For activities in harsher lighting, premium women’s polarized lenses (1.1 mm) ensure optimal protection and durability and are suitable for intense outdoor sports and conditions.

Tips for Choosing the Best Polarized Sunglasses in India

Choosing the proper polarized sun shades can significantly decorate your revel in India’s diverse environments. Here are 5 key points to take into account:

  1. Consider Lens Material: Opt for polycarbonate or Trivex for lightweight and impact-resistant residences, especially for lively use.
  2. Select Frame Style: Choose among wraparound, traditional, or sports activities frames depending on your interest and publicity.
  3. Pick the Right Lens Color: Light inexperienced or amber is ideal for low light situations; dark lenses like grey are higher for vivid situations.
  4. Check for UV Protection: Ensure the sun shades offer one hundred% UV safety to shield your eyes.
  5. Evaluate Water and Wind Shields: For outside sports, consider additional features like wind and water shields for better protection.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Polarized Sunglasses

Here are essential care tips:

  1. Clean Your Lenses Regularly
  2. Store Properly
  3. Handle With Care
  4. Avoid Extreme Heat
  5. Inspect Regularly
  6. Keep Them Dry

Are polarized sunglasses really better?
At Speksee, polarized sunglasses offer superior glare reduction compared to standard sunglasses, particularly for activities around water or while driving.

Which is better, UV or polarized sunglasses?
Both types serve unique functions. UV sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and polarized sunglasses reduce glare for clearer vision. We recommend sunglasses that offer UV protection and polarization for complete protection.

What is the difference between polarized and regular sunglasses?
The polarized sunglasses block the glare from reflective surfaces, so they are good for particular conditions, while the regular sunglasses lessen the normal brightness, so they are just appropriate for regular brightness.

Can I wear polarized sunglasses at night?
We do not recommend wearing polarized shades at night as they can reduce visibility in low-light conditions.

How to check if sunglasses are polarized?
You can test the polarization by looking at a digital screen through the lenses and rotating the sunglasses. If the screen darkens, the lenses are polarized.

How do polarized sunglasses work?
Polarized sunglasses work by filtering horizontal light waves that cause glare, thanks to a special chemical film that covers the lenses.

How to choose the right pair of sunglasses?
Consider UV protection, lens type, frame fit, and personal style. At Speksee, we offer a variety of styles with detailed descriptions to help you choose the perfect pair.

How to clean polarized sunglasses?
Use lukewarm water and a small amount of gentle soap. Rinse the lenses carefully and dry them with a microfiber cloth to avoid scratching.

What is the benefit of polarized sunglasses?
The main benefit is the significant reduction of glare, which improves visual clarity and reduces eye strain in bright conditions.

What are polarized lenses for?
Polarized lenses are specifically designed to reduce glare from horizontal light waves, making them ideal for driving, fishing, and other outdoor activities.