How to check Polarized Sunglasses?

How to check Polarized Sunglasses?

Glasses have become a staple accessory across all age groups, serving not just as a fashion statement but also as a crucial protector against the sun's rays. Now, when it comes to ensuring your sunglasses are genuinely safeguarding your eyes with polarized lenses, there's a straightforward way to check.

Polarization, the technology that reduces glare and shields your eyes, is what sets apart high-quality sunglasses from the rest.But how can you be sure your pair lives up to its claims?

Simple tests, such as examining the lenses against a reflective surface, looking at them in front of a computer screen, or carefully comparing them with another pair, can reveal the truth. By doing so, you're not just relying on what you're told; you're actively confirming that your polarized sunglasses are equipped to protect your vision effectively.

The Reflection Test

The Reflection Test stands as one of the most straightforward and effective methods to ascertain if your sunglasses are polarized. This test involves finding a surface that reflects a significant amount of glare when illuminated by sunlight, such as the shiny hood of a car or the glistening surface of a lake.

By wearing your sunglasses and observing the reflective surface, you can determine the presence of polarization. If the glare is noticeably reduced, it's a strong indicator that your sunglasses are equipped with polarized lenses, designed specifically to minimize glare for clearer and more comfortable vision.

The Screen Test

Embracing the digital era, The Screen Test offers a modern and easily accessible means to verify the polarization of your sunglasses. This method requires you to view a digital screen, like that of a smartphone or computer monitor, through your sunglasses.

As you rotate the sunglasses to a 90-degree angle, look for a change in the screen's visibility. Polarized lenses will cause the screen to appear darker or completely black at certain angles due to their ability to block polarized light emitted by these screens. This test is particularly useful given the ubiquity of digital devices in our daily lives.

The Comparison Test

For those who have another pair of sunglasses confirmed to be polarized, The Comparison Test serves as a reliable method for comparison. Position the two pairs of sunglasses so that one lens overlaps the other and look through both simultaneously.

As you rotate one pair, observe any changes in the appearance of the overlapped area. A variation in darkness or colour indicates that both pairs of sunglasses are polarized, as their filters interact to block differing light waves depending on their orientation to each other.

The Shadow Test

The Shadow Test is a lesser-known but effective technique to check for polarization. This test involves holding your sunglasses at a distance and looking for shadows or dark spots on the lenses against a bright background.

Polarized lenses often exhibit a uniform colour and minimal shadowing due to their specialized coating. In contrast, non-polarized lenses may show uneven colouring or distinct shadows under the same conditions. This test is a quick way to assess the uniformity and quality of the polarizing filter on your lenses.

The Polarized Light Source Test

Lastly, The Polarized Light Source Test requires access to a polarized light source, such as certain types of LCDs or specialized polarizing filters. By viewing the polarized light source through your sunglasses and rotating them, you can observe changes in brightness or color.

Polarized lenses will exhibit a noticeable change, typically darkening or completely blocking the polarized light at certain angles. This test is particularly definitive, as it directly interacts with polarized light, the very element these lenses are designed to manage.

Caring for Your Polarized Sunglasses

To maintain the longevity of your polarized sunglasses, proper care is essential. Always store your sunglasses in a protective case when not in use to prevent scratches. Some helpful tips are:

  • Store Properly: Always store your polarized sunglasses in a hard-shell case when not in use. This protects the lenses, which are treated with a special chemical to filter horizontal light, from scratches and damage. Proper storage ensures the longevity of the UV protection and maintains the integrity of the lenses.

  • Clean with Care: Use a microfiber cloth and a gentle lens cleaning solution to clean your sunglasses. Avoid using household cleaners or soaps that might strip away the special chemical coating designed for UV protection and glare reduction from horizontal surfaces. This maintains the clarity and effectiveness of your eyewear.

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep your polarized sunglasses away from extreme heat and cold, as these conditions can warp the frame and affect the special chemical coatings on the lenses. This care tip is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and performance of your eyewear, ensuring they remain a reliable accessory for outdoor activities.

  • Update Regularly: Stay informed about the latest advancements in the eyewear industry through a reputable portal for eyewear. Upgrading your polarized sunglasses to incorporate the latest technology in UV protection, trendy colours, and an array of styles not only enhances your visual experience during outdoor sports but also ensures you're protecting your eyes with the best available options.

  • Choose Secure Payment Options: When purchasing new polarized sunglasses, especially through an online portal for eyewear, opt for secure and convenient methods of payment. This ensures a safe transaction and allows you to invest in high-quality eyewear designed for optimal performance during outdoor activities without any hassle.


Caring for your polarized sunglasses with the right practices ensures they remain in top condition, providing unparalleled clarity and protection during your outdoor adventures.

By storing them properly, cleaning them with appropriate materials, avoiding extreme temperatures, staying updated on the latest in eyewear technology, and choosing secure payment options, you safeguard your investment in quality eyewear.

These tips not only extend the life of your sunglasses but also enhance your visual experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Remember, your polarized sunglasses are more than a fashion statement; they are a crucial tool for eye protection and optimal vision in various lighting conditions. Treat them with care, and they will continue to serve you well.